At Green Central, we believe in . Learn your portions. Balance your food groups. No food group is banned. We incorporate what’s best within each, and you can see it throughout our programs. Whether you’re juicing, eating clean, or following our diet plan, we make sure you are mindfully enjoying the best that food and nutrients have to offer.
At Green Central, we understand the effort required to take that first step into eating healthy and losing weight. And we congratulate you for that. We stand next to you during this journey. You get to see for yourself the measurable improvements happening within your body’s composition. We motivate you to . Juicing, eating clean and going on a diet plan are worthwhile only when you can see the change.
Surely we all know something about : what’s healthy and what’s not, what’s fattening and what’s not. But still, we fall into the trap of weight gain. Education starts from that very first visit to our office. We care to teach you. What you need to learn is only: what weight target to aim for, how to manage your cravings, how to answer your hunger cues healthily.

Managing weight does not happen by chance. It takes a full recipe of ingredients for success: a spoonful of commitment, a pinch of learning, a sprinkle of motivation, and… bon appetit!